Did Valentino Rossi Just Pull Off The Pass Of The Year?

Corners at the Monza Rally Show are pretty ridiculously tight. Valentino Rossi and the other top drivers seem to come within inches, and certainly are within feet, of striking the barrel barriers they careen around. Which makes Rossi's overtake during a corner completely insane.

This could only happen if the previous driver made a mistake, as it appears they did. Since an overview of further laps shows that corners really are ridiculously tight, the only way for such an overtake to be possible is for someone to screw the pooch and end up quite far from the barrel barrier. Which, you know, also means a worse lap time.


Sensing an opportunity, Rossi squeezes himself into the gap left by the previous driver, taking an already ludicrously small margin for error and dancing on the razor edge. But damn if he doesn't do it and speed off like, "LOL, I got inches to spare, man. INCHES."

Candidate for overtake of the year, right here. That took some serious chutzpah.

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