Did Thuggee Soldiers Use This Car To Chase Ringo?

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Have you ever seen Help!? It was the Beatles' Goon Show/Duck Soup-inspired second film, and I'm pretty sure this car was in it somewhere.

And if it wasn't (it definitely wasn't), it should have been. If only they'd had late-80s Pontiac Bonnevilles in 1965 (thankfully, they had mid-60s Pontiac Bonnevilles in 1965).


At any rate, I can imagine a crazed Thuggee high priest hanging out the window of this fabulous vehicle screaming "KAALLIIIII!!!" as he attempts to chop off Ringo's finger or something. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should spark up a doobie and watch Help! It really is a fantastic and very colorful way to waste a couple of hours. (Hat tip to Jim!)

Photo credit: Jim Frimmel