Did this shirtless 21-year-old man crash a Camaro while wearing lipstick?

The Chevrolet Camaro SS can be an irresistible ride — but that's no excuse for stealing one, hitting 130 mph on a joyride captured by your "bro" on video, then crashing it and fleeing to your grandmother's house. It gets weirder.

Gary S. Kell, 21, of Glencoe, Ala., was apprehended Tuesday night after stealing a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro valued at $40,000 — similar to the Camaro SS above. After a friend of a relative parked the Camaro at his home, Kell and an unnamed accomplice decided to shoot a little post-midnight speeding. After running the car into a power pole, the pair fled; police later snatched Kell and charged him with first-degree theft and leaving the scene of an accident.


Why he looks like he was playing with his grandmother's lipstick is one of those mysteries.

Hat tip to Jwoaks via Twitter!

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