Did This Guy Really Drive On The Track During A Live Race?

You know how sometimes you're just driving along, and you get a little lost, and you make a wrong turn, and then suddenly you find yourself in the middle of the track during an endurance race at the famous Brands Hatch Circuit? No? Well, that's what this guy did in a Volkswagen Polo. Supposedly.


The title here is a bit of a misnomer, as it appears he actually did drive on the track during the race, according to the race organizers and a driver who was at the track watching the race:


But my question is whether or not this isn't part of some marketing campaign. Sure, he drove onto the track, like an idiot, with a bunch of his friends in the car, with someone conspicuously filming. It does seem, however, like the exact kind of video you'd create to go "viral" of a Volkswagen road car fast enough for the track.

Read that last bit in the smarmiest voice you can muster.

The driver even says the words "this is the new Volkwagen!" at one point, which is helpful, seeing as how a facelifted Polo with significant mechanical changes just went on sale. How convenient.


But hey, maybe the guy driving really is that dense. I'm sure we've all seen worse.


UPDATE: The driver of the Volkswagen has been arrested and charged with false imprisonment.


Correction: Dan Blake was not a driver in the VW Funcup race, but rather a driver in the Hyundai Coupe Cup. He was watching the race after setting up, but was not an active participant in the Volkswagen race.

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Runs without batteries

Fake. No sane person actually hangs those tree air fresheners from the rear view. Also it's a new car so why would you need it? Obviously placed to make the car seem inconspicuous.