Did The V10 Become The Only Reason For Choosing An Audi R8?

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The Audi R8’s second generation looks Iron Man enough, sure, but with much of the original’s cooler features cut off to please a wider audience, is the non-turbo V10 the last reason to buy an R8 over its competition? XCAR thinks there’s a bit more to it than that.


Nobody from Jalopnik has had a chance to drive the new R8 yet, so what do we know? Well, what I know is that the entry-level V8 is gone, the gated manual gearbox is gone just like it’s gone from Lamborghinis, the weirdly awesome side blades are lopped in half, and there’s a new fixed wing on the V10 Plus to show off how much you spent.

Sure, the interior is lovely, the Quattro all-wheel drive system is still the best in class and all that makes the R8 the easiest mid-engined supercar to live with, but let’s also not forget that extremely refined competitors like the McLaren 570S are out there too, and that’s something the first R8 never had to face.

While we’re certainly excited about the upcoming R8 E-Tron, is the Plus’ 602 horsepower naturally-aspirated V10 enough to keep you excited about the VW Group’s budget Lamborghini?

If not, there’s always the LP580-2 in case you really want to show off.

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Did The V10 Became Become The Only Reason For Choosing An Audi R8?

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