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Did That Horse Just Kick My Brand New Ferrari?

This Ferrari 458 Italia was just sitting, minding its own business on a busy Shanghai street when a horse kicked it. What provoked the horse? Perhaps that bull in the background goaded it.


There's a definite horn blaring going on in the background of this video. Because the Ferrari is unoccupied we don't think it's the 458's fault. The Lamborghini in the background, however, could have been honking.


Most likely, though, the fact that these two cars stopped in the middle of traffic for an impromptu photoshoot probably led to the people stuck behind them leaning on the horns. If that's the case then the horse did the only reasonable thing. (Hat tip to Adam!)

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The horse owner is responsible for damages to the Ferrari, its no different than if her child we to whip a softball at the car and cause a dent. She had plenty of room to be closer to the curb but instead backed the horse into the car whilst turning around. I'm dealing with a similar issue right now where a drunk girl hit my car with a scooter. Says she's not responsible. Lets see what the court says.