Japan's recent earthquake caused massive destruction in the northern city of Sendai, which happened to be the home of a racing team that ran one of Spoon Sports' DC5 Integra Type-Rs. That car was destroyed, but were its wheels looted?

That's the question many in the JDM tuner community are asking. In the days following the quake, the National Police Agency in Japan worked to quell the rumors of widespread looting near Sendai City, including one particularly virulent claim that a shopping mall had been picked clean, and yet, the agency acknowledged there had been "dozens" of looting incidents. Whether or not looters have been active in the months following Japan's deadliest earthquake and tsunami, it's clear the racing team's Spoon Integra — which was found three miles away from its shop, propped up on blocks — is missing all four wheels.


Food, yes. $2,000 in racing wheels? No.

(Photo: Spoon Sports/Speedhunters)

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