Diablo Crash Proves Why All Modern Lamborghinis Are All-Wheel Drive

During the production run of the Diablo, Lamborghini started a trend where all V12 models of theirs would have all-wheel drive. That was a good decision, since rear-drive was damn near impossible to tame, as this Japanese driver shall now prove.

Leaving what appears to be a Cars and Coffee-esque event, everyone decides to punch it. Aventadors and Murcielagos get away with no problem, their four wheels grasping the pavement with claws normally reserved for tigers. But the Diablo, well, that's a slightly different story.


A stab of the throttle on cold tires equals a ruined front end on this yellow bull. It happens. So, if you're a Diablo owner, please please please don't crash it. We need your rear drive V12 wonderment to survive for decades to come.

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