Devon GTX: 650 HP Viper In Disguise

The Devon GTX, revealed yesterday at Pebble Beach, is a 650 HP V10-powered super car from LA-based industrial design house Devon Motorworks. If the $500,000 car looks familiar, it should. It's based on the Dodge Viper SRT/10. Gallery below.


It makes sense that despite Scott Devon's $5.5 million losing bid for the Viper brand, he'd still go ahead with making a re-skinned version to resell. And what a beauty this re-skin is. Especially when the GTX is equipped with the same 8.4-liter (510 cubic inches) V10 engine — plus some performance add-ons to help it to produce 650 HP (484.7 kW) at 6100 rpm. The V10 engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission and will go on sale in 2010 with an annual production of 36 units.

It's got an almost entirely carbon fiber superstructure and a bold, sweeping design that really takes the Dodge Viper to a whole new place. We're kinda digging it.


One of the coolest things is the actuation of almost all articulating elements on the GTX enabled by the incorporation of sensory touch switchwork. The touch-actuated switchwork gives the car a very clean and uninterrupted surface found outside the GTX.


Want more information? Check out Devon's site.

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