Detroit, We Love You

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Letterboxing, flames, a sled, and whitewalls. Some things just make you glad to be an American. [via FuckYeahCarburetors]


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Geo Metro Man

What's sad is that this culture is, for all intents and purposed, dying. Why? because of cost and the loss of our DIY culture. The only people today who can afford custom cars are older, so it is not really cool with the youth market. Plus, the modern cars younger people can afford are not cheap and easy to modify. Add to that the fact that the schools have been indoctrinating them into being environmentalists and you have a toxic brew that has all but eliminated the youth car culture. Some of you will say "What about the Civic?" Well the simple truth is that Honda has not produced a easily tunable Civic since 2000. Subsequent models have become larger, more bloated and more complex. Plus, most modern small cars, even the cheapest ones, have throttle by wire and overly complex engine management systems. People do try to crack them, but very few have the skills to do so. So, within 10-20 years the modified car culture will all but cease to exist. It will be replaced by beige appliances that get you from point A to point B with a minimum amount of energy use.