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Detroit News Helicopter Accidentally Helps Police Catch Fleeing Motorist

Illustration for article titled Detroit News Helicopter Accidentally Helps Police Catch Fleeing Motorist

WJBK in Detroit is known for two things: Employing Charlie LeDuff and "Let It Rip," which is like a local version of "Hardball" on crystal meth. Now they can add crimebusters to its esteemed list of accomplishments.


The SkyFox helicopter was innocuously filming another day of traffic along I-696 in Southfield when they noticed two squad cars flying out of the Southfield police station. The crew followed the cars for a while when they realized there was a high-speed chase going on.

Apparently Southfield Police contacted the SkyFox team to be on the lookout for a grey Ford Taurus running like hell through the streets. By some miracle of being at the right place at the right time, the SkyFox team caught up with the sedan — after Southfield Police had called off the chase. The cops eventually stopped the guy in Detroit in a neighborhood near Eight Mile.


You can see in the video above of police cars ramming this poor sixth-gen Taurus out of its misery. "They're just ramming him and ramming him!" Look closely amid the flashing lights and drawn guns and you'll see officers giving the thumbs up to the helicopter crew.

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