Detroit News' Danny Howes Needs To Quit Stealing Wert's Lines On Big Three "Bailout"

The Detroit News' own most original, free-thinking business writer, Danny "Boy" Howes, has managed to say exactly what Wert said on CNBC the other day without actually saying anything about Wert. Whether Howes was inspired while watching CNBC Friday or his opinions came to him in a dream, carried forth perhaps by dragon-messenger, we'll never know, but it's now conventional wisdom to those in the know that the Detroit Three's requested governmental cash assistance is not, in fact, a bailout — but will likely be spun as such by the rest of the media landscape. So, when your blowhard relatives start screaming about "another Detroit bailout," just remember to mumble "Bear Stearns" under your breath while clearing your throat. [Detroit News; Photo Credit: Markfive]


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