A Detroit legislator is trying for the second time to put a stop to texting while driving in Michigan, pursuing legislation levying a misdemeanor and hefty fine on perpetrators.

The new law would make texting or playing video games while driving a secondary offense, which means that a driver could receive a ticket if pulled over for something else, but not be rolled for simply texting. The fine would be set at a non-negotiable $100. Senator Buzz Thomas had attempted passing an identical piece of legislation earlier that didn't make the cut. Buzz stated texting "is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do."


Although our official response is one of happiness for getting drivers-who-text off the roads, we did ask Jalopnik's resident "txtng xprt," Ben Wertigree, for his opinion. He replied,

"LOL OMG suk my blz"

There you have it.