Detroit Iron At The Gumball 3000

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There was a pretty good cross-section of archetypal Detroit machinery represented at the Gumball 3000 in San Francisco yesterday, including a donked Riviera, the lowest Ford pickup ever built (with the most beautiful set of vintage gauges I've seen in a long time), and a couple of classic musclecars. Yes, K.I.T.T. was there as well, though The Hoff himself prefers the non-video-game-style steering wheel of an Audi R8 for actual driving duties.



I'd rock that orange van as a daily driver.

The deep offset wheels and fender flares on the Stingray are a crime (or should be),

Fortunately, the angle is such that you can't see what sort of horrid wheels are on the orange RS, so it looks good in that picture.

As for donking the Riviera, I couldn't care less that it's a boattail Riv. (I've never been a huge fan), but the fact that anything gets donked is beyond all semblance of good taste.