Detroit Hotel Changes Name Before Detroit Auto Show

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If you're a journalist coming in next month for the Detroit Auto Show, we just wanted to take a moment to remind you of a recent hotel name change. If you happen to be a guest at the Sheraton Detroit Riverside Hotel, don't go stumblin' around after a night of revelry at the Firehouse asking police horses people on the street where your hotel is. They're not going to know what you're talking about. That's because up until today it's been known as the Pontchartrain Hotel. Better choice would be just to continue using the old name for the time being. Just a little tip from those of us here at the Jalop who don't want to be driving past Cobo on the morning of Day Two of the show passing half-frozen auto journalist corpses. That stuff really starts to smell after the spring thaw, you know? [Click on Detroit]


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