Detroit Autorama: First Woman Wins Ridler Award With Gold Digger

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At this weekend's 2010 Detroit Autorama,Tammy Ray's 1933 Ford Phaeton dubbed Gold Digger took home the prestigious Ridler Award — the first ever female-owned vehicle to take the prize. The stunning long-runner intakes might have won the prize alone.


Ms. Ray can now count two firsts to her name, she was the first woman to ever make it into the Great Eight in 2006 and now the first-ever to take home the prestigious Ridler Award with Gold Digger. The Ridler Award is given each year to the finest first-time-shown hot rod at the Detroit Autorama and is named in honor of Don Ridler, one of the shows earliest and most loved promoters.

Gold Digger is a modest proposition by modern hot-rodding standards, clocking in with just over $100k in custom work, but the final product is so cleanly executed with such classic hot-rod shapes the price couldn't matter less. The car started life as a 1933 Ford Phaeton but has been chopped, the grille laid back, a custom top created, all original interior fabricated, and a lustrous coat of gold dropped on top. Quite a handsome rod if you ask us.

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Every time I see these at Autorama I think to myself; what a waste of time.

Sure it's top of the line Craftsmanship and every detail has been poured over with a fine tooth comb, but for what? A "car" that will never again be used as a car? It will be relegated to sitting on a stand with mirrors underneath and being pushed around on go-jacks for the rest of it's life because the asphalt may kick up a rock and chip the $20K paint job or scratch the chrome.

It just makes me sad. Give me a Rat Rod that I can hoon the shit out of any day over this thing.