Detroit Auto Show Preview: The Stage Is Being Set

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We're now ten days away from the 2007 North American International Auto Show, or as it's also known — NAIAS, NAMBLA, Deeeetroit Auuuuto Shooow! (Pistons fans will get this one) and even NAIAnachroniSm. Whatever you want to call it, it's the biggest auto show on this here planet. And hey, if it's in Detroit — let's see what all of the local stations are doing to fete the show. Oh, what's this we hear — only NBC Universal has the right to the big dance — and therefore they're the only ones with the right to show more than five minutes of video from the show each day? Oh...well, then let's see what the local NBC affiliate has going on. How about an action-packed two-minute video of the set up of the show — featuring the revelation Mercedes will have an ice rink at the show, along with a teaser at the end for a one hour prime-time special airing tonight at 8 PM on NAIAS. I wonder if anyone we know might be appearing on that special this evening to talk about some movie about robot cars filmed here in Metro Detroit?


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