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I just wanted to tell people that I'm all atwitter with excitement today because I just realized the Detroit Auto Show is merely 30 days away. That's right — the big daddy of auto shows is now just around the corner, and I'm like a kid with a newly-erect Christmas tree, staring at the bare skirt beneath it and imagining what it's going to look like with all of those presents underneath. Except instead of presents they're concept cars and new models. And oh, instead of a Christmas tree, it's Cobo Hall. Wait, and instead of Christmas it's Hanukkah. But yeah, other than all that — the analogy's still valid. We've already gone and decorated our own tree with a tag site all ready to go, plus the RSS feed for you techie-inclined folks out there — so you can follow along as we take in the first few snowflakes of PR leaks and pre-show releases and await the blizzard that is the Detroit Auto Show.

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