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Detroit Auto Show Poll: Most Significant Premiere, Round 1

There may not have been a less exciting Detroit auto show on record than 2007, barring that one in the '90s, during which Jac Nasser fell asleep introducing the Ford Contour, and Rick Wagoner chose "scented candles" as the theme of his breakfast keynote. Nonetheless, automakers still managed to introduce cars at the show this year, despite all the snoring. So, let's examine which models were feted like children of packaged-goods fortune, and rate their significance. You can define significance any way you want, though you might want to use the toothpicks-on-the-eyelids trick.


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my favorite car is a motorcycle

The CTS??? More ugly sheetmetal stuffed with electronic gadgets from Cadillac? What's so significant about that?

Caddy hasn't offered attractive, truly innovative cars since the 1950's. This is just another sheet metal re-crinkling and horsepower bump. There's no 7-speed transmission, intelligent all-wheel-drive, active hydraulic suspension, direct ignition, flexible fuel system, hybrid powertrain, or any other significant technological advancement. It's not a new body style, it holds no more people or luggage, and it might only marginally outperform some of the competition on the road. Big deal, a 5-year-old Audi A6 will put it to shame in all measurable aspects.

Do people equate luxury with monthly Onstar subscription fees? The only significant thing i see on this luxury car is the price increase.