Detroit Auto Show Non-Preview: Give RenCen Long Lasting Freshness With "Big Red"

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Saturday morning I went out prowling the mean streets of downtown Detroit, primarily around Cobo, hoping to see something I wasn't supposed to. The only thing photographable was a truckload of Audi's lounge furniture that had been delivered to the lobby. Whoopee. (Forgive me for not posting pics of crates with the Auto Union rings.) After that total flop, I wondered down to the General's crib to take a peek at the eye candy they always have parked inside, get some seat time in the new models, and do some Jalopnik knock testing (GMC, you suck at life). But what to my wondering eyes should appear but the Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Big Red" Silverado and eight tiny reindeer from this year's SEMA show. The placard told me it was equipped with a host of goodies ranging from a Rancho Suspension, Baer Brakes and a 6,000 lb. winch, to a "Locomotive Style Air Horn." Naturally I took some pics and came straight home to post. This is when I found out that I'm a newbzor and had the camera set to close detail... so this mildly-fuzzy-after-touch-ups pic is what you get. If you're in town and bored, head down there and take a look, it'll be way less fuzzy in person.

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