Detroit Auto Show: Geely Shows Up With Cookies, London Cab

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China's Geely motors drew a crowd with promises of free cookies, tea sets and London cabs. In fact, it may have been the greatest display of pro-England sentiment since before the unequal treaties. Geely showed off its version of LTI's famous London taxi, the TX4, which we probably won't see in the states until next century, along with other models in the Geely line. The jewel of that line, at least according to the officials at the mic, is the company's BMBS ground-control system, which keeps cars pointed straight ahead after blowouts, likely as a result of driving on China's rough secondary roads. Geely bosses call this system, "paramount for the safety of human life, and "a great gift to mankind given by the Geely Group." We are grateful for such a gift, and that goes double for the tea set.