Detroit Auto Show: Fast Lane What? Derek Who?

Yeah, John Neff and I ended up seriously having a conversation and this Derek D kid just tried to bust right in. Some people. Anyway, neither of us bothered enough to give him the time of day, but look, his people at this Fast Line (or something) Daily totally caught it all on camera — check it out about 5:25 minutes in. It's right after the cameo from Richard of

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

"How do you like me inside ya?" Yup, gotta try that in the future...

Must agree, he is rather annoying in this video. Don't was FLD enough 'cept when it's on here.

Give me the hosting job. I'm a hard working... young! student, into cars, work on my own. Save the mother lots of $$$ doing repairs instead of the ship. Know my ish, and is witty.

I also don't use the word dope, and wear my (trucker) hat forward.