It's no surprise the Provoq would be peeping its hydrogen-tastic head out at the Detroit Auto Show, especially since GM decided to unveil it at the Consumer Electronic Show last week. A mere seven days have passed and the specs haven't changed: it's a fuel cell crossover capable of traveling 300 miles on a single fill of hydrogen. It's not too shabby in the power department, either: 0-60 mph in 8.5 seconds and a 100mph top speed, which is a 30-percent improvement compared to previous-generation hydrogen fuel cells. The one baffling moment of the otherwise lucid unveiling occurred when Bob Lutz decided to compare the Provoq's debut to the iPhone launch. He said Cadillac's E-Flex engine, which the Provoq uses, is "a revolutionary product that changes everything"—a line originally delivered by Steve Jobs referring to his company's non-hydrogen-powered digital communications device. Brilliant! Put the iPhone next to the Provoq and I couldn't tell a difference. What about you?