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Oh yeah, that's it baby, that's it โ€” work it girl! Work โ€” oh wait, something's not right. We know why โ€” that's not a model up there. Nope, it's the 2009 Corvette ZR1 โ€” unveiled here at the GM Style event tonight for it's first ever public unveiling. For a moment we thought maybe it was just some insanely beautiful woman. Also, we thought we were a dragon. Shoot โ€” wrong on both counts. Still some sexy metal โ€” and an amazingly sexy engine. Click the link if you've been living in a cave bereft of any and all automotive news and need to know more about Chevy's new super-Corvette. And yes, to clear up any questions, that is Kid Rock behind the ZR1 and yes, that is Jeff Gordon driving it down the runway. But, what truly made the evening amazing was none other than Run of Run D.M.C. jumping out on stage to bust some rhymes โ€” or whatever it is them thar rappers do. We were too busy gaping at the ZR1 to notice much of what else was going on. Mary J. who?