Detroit-Area Jalops: Come Cruise Woodward With Us Tonight

Pictured: Not us. We’ll be in a Lexus and a Jeep and maybe a Volkswagen.
Photo: David Tracy/Jalopnik

Jalopnik is in Detroit to cover the wonderful automobile gathering that is the Woodward Dream Cruise, so come on out tonight and cruise Michigan’s M-1 with us.

We’re going to meet in the Walmart parking lot at 2001 W. Maple road in Troy, MI at 8 p.m. At around 8:15, we’ll drive down to Ferndale, then turn around. There’s no official show or really any sense or organization, here. Plus, it may rain. It’s just going to be some Jalopnik writers driving down the street, occasionally stopping to look at cool cars. If you’re really lucky, you might even see yourself with a coveted Jalopnik sticker in hand.


Look for a ridiculously hideous 1948 Willys CJ-2A, and if you can’t see it, just listen. The sound of metal actively rusting is deafening.

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David Tracy

Sr. Technical Editor, Jalopnik. Always interested in hearing from auto engineers—email me. Cars: Willys CJ-2A ('48), Jeep J10 ('85), Jeep Cherokee ('79, '91, '92, '00), Jeep Grand Cherokee 5spd ('94).