Despite Discounts, US Carmakers Lose Share to Imports

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Data from shows US carmakers' short-term market share (in light-vehicle sales) fell in August, likely caused by a new-car shortage, in turn caused by their inventory-busting employee discount programs. GM saw the largest drop, moving from 29% in July to 25% in August, while Toyota gained the most, rising in market share from 12% in July to 15% in August.

During that period, according to the Detroit News, Toyota and Honda grabbed a record share of the US light-vehicle market. Someday, car makers are going to become less focused on Wall Street's focus on quarter-to-quarter movements, and start coordinating their marketing and production plans to complement each other — and eliminate these kinds of supply-demand swings. After that, McDonalds will offer wheatgrass shakes and Disney will launch its cartoon-porn initiative. It'll be a kind of utopia.


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