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Despite Appearances, This Biker Chick Did Not End Up In Joe Biden's Lap

Illustration for article titled Despite Appearances, This Biker Chick Did Not End Up In Joe Bidens Lap

Vice President Joe Biden didn't really get fresh with a black leather-clad biker chick while he was trolling for votes at an Ohio campaign event this weekend; he just sat kind of close to her.


Many of you are probably thinking, "So what?" But this really cheesy posed campaign shot has been left open to a lot of interpretation throughout the internet. While it looks like she's on his lap, he actually pulled the chair up close so they could talk and she could be with her group.

In actuality, the pair looks like they're more likely to raid a Caribbean port town than get frisky with one another.


If the A.P. wanted to have a little fun, they should have written (if far-out interpretations of meaningless crap is what they were going for) that Joe Biden and a biker chick are staging a pirate raid on the White House for 2012. Well, that might be better material for The Onion. (Hat Tip to vandy0419!)

Photo credit: Associated Press

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I'm amazed no-one else has said it yet, so I guess I will.

How does this relate to cars?