Intersection Magazine has commissioned out six of the top design firms to provide a little pizzazz to one of the most boring parts of having a nice car: the car cover. Germany's Bless, Paris' Maison Martin Margiela, Sydney's Ksubi, Tokyo's Visvim, NYC's Adam Kimmel and London's Richard James all lent their magic touch on a car cover for an Alfa Romeo 124 Brera hatchback. It's no surprise that the American's car cover looks the best, by far. Hell, what's a better way to cover up a nice car than with what appears to be ratty shop rags and jumpsuits? Even though no winners and losers were crowned, the loser has to be Maison Martin Margiela. Come on, a car cover that looks like the car underneath? How about some originality?

I highly doubt any of these car covers will ever be available for purchase, and given the designer-nature of the covers, they wouldn't be cheap. Regardless, it's interesting to see something as simple and often dull as car covers given a bit more of a classy touch. Good show, fancy pants designer people! [Intersection Mag via Born Rich]


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