This carbon fiber child's safety car seat, created by Rory Craig of the Art Center College of Design, is not an official Sparco product but rather a clever prototype. Though we're a bit fatigued with all of the carbon fiber options out there (we're looking at you carbon fiber toilet), this particular model is admittedly well-designed. Meant to appeal to racing enthusiasts, the carbon fiber isn't even the best part. The child seat adjusts from an infant seat to a toddler model to a booster seat, which allows the buyer to save some of the money they just forked over for a safety device made of an outrageously expensive material. Craig is trying to pitch the idea to Sparco and has fictitiously named it the "Sparco Wingman" in order to grab their attention. We think they should do it, if only to encourage Lewis Hamilton and his Pussycat Dolls girlfriend to make sexy fast babies. A closer look at the functionality below the jump. For more on this carbon fiber seat check out]


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