Desert Racing Video Overload From The 2014 San Felipe 250

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Not every spectator at the San Felipe 250 was senselessly risking their lives for Facebook fame, some actually grabbed some great footage of the race. Here are some of the best short videos of trucks and buggies bombing over bumps at SCORE International's most recent desert race.


Vildosola Racing got a cool clip together, though of course it only covers their own truck and the dialogue is en Español:

RaceDezert put a lot of production value into their San Felipe 250 video, but it's more about town and the party than the racing:

Sergio Acevedo picked a weird soundtrack, but his video gets some spectators in the frame which I thought was neat:

Jahura All-Terrain didn't move around much, but they got a few good passes of the trucks:

This reel from RKRacing is a bit choppy at times, but covers a lot of vehicles:

Image: peteself/Flickr

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Here is a longer format version of Vildosola. Check out the in-car @~6:38. He hits an obstacle on a dry lake and launches himself skyward at 100mph+.