Denver Crooks Throw Down Gas-Theft Gauntlet

Remember when we told you the five best ways to steal gas, and one really bad one? We didn't actually mean for you hooligans to go out and start swiping petrol. We only provided the information as a public service, but some enterprising crooks in Denver have gone and used it for evil, making off with dino juice from cars parked at the Denver International Airport. At least they picked a good target: an Escalade EXT, which sports a hefty 31-gallon tank — the equivalent of about $120 in gas. [CW2]

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

A while back, on 67-72chevytrucks, we were talking about this. One guy came up with a brilliant plant...

It's common for guys to put the gas tank from the 68+ Blazer under the bed, and remove the stock in-cab gas tank on the 72 and older trucks. For safety reasons and more foot room. Now, the common thing is to fill in the hole left from the filler neck in the cab.

This is the fun part. The guy had the idea to keep the stock tank in the cab, and have the Blazer tank under the bed actually fuel the engine. The stock in-cab tank, well... Fill it with bad gas, diesel, bleach, whatever you feel. Siphon'ers out there will of course, go for the in-cab tank's filler neck on these old trucks, not the typically hidden filler neck of the under-bed Blazer tank. They can get away with the bad shit, and come time for them to fill their ride and go, KARMA hits, in a very mean and damaging way.