May the fourth, also known as Star Wars Day, continues to gain steam online each year. This year has been no exception, and one place that has kept the fun flying is Denver International Airport. Lord Vader made a stop in Denver today, along with some of his Imperial Stormtroopers.

Stormtroopers eagerly wait for Vader to arrive at the main terminal.

It's not smart to keep Vader waiting, for anything!


Vader was fond of the Blue Mustang sculpture outside of the airport, which locals have nicknamed "Bluecifer" because its eyes glow bright red at night. Others say the statue is cursed, because a section of it fell and killed its sculptor, Luis Jiménez while being built.

Vader realized that his Tie Fighters could obliterate the aircraft here on Earth.


"How dare you book me on Spirit Airlines?"


Browsing these convenient lists of cities for their next potential target.

Photos are used with permission from Denver International Airport. All commentary and captions are my own. Members of Denver's 501st Legion Mountain Garrison appeared in the photos.