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It seems like everyone is looking to get into the car-to-car communication realm. Denso is the latest to give it a shot. The company will begin testing a system that allows cars to communicate with one another through ultra-high frequency radio waves. The tests will begin in April and will continue for three years until, March 2011. Can you guess what the purpose of car-to-car communication would be?


Traffic, of course! I've been thinking a lot about these types of devices lately. My conclusion, after ample cogitation? We could be in self-fulfilling prophecy territory here. You know, people will enjoy car-to-car (C2C?) communication, get worked up about traffic up ahead, and—lock up from anxiety! Thereby generating more pointless traffic behind them. Can you say "vicious circle?" Can you say "techno-blowback?"


In a way, the traffic solutions already available through Sirius, XM and others are sufficient. Those services says where a wreck is and what lanes are affected. Other kinds of traffic, like the kind that does not have a purpose, will never be solved, at least not until we get our damn flying cars. [Fareastgizmos]

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