Dennis Rodman's Boobalicious H1 Hummer Is 7154 Pounds Of Pure Nonsense

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After buying the wrong Ferrari , it turns out Doug DeMuro managed to purchase the wrong Hummer H1 . If he’d have just waited a few weeks he could have bought this exceedingly awful and mural-infested H1 owned by the exceedingly awful and mural-infested Dennis Rodman.


Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fleet of Hummers, some of which were converted to run on hydrogen and biofuels once he got into politics? Well, those had nothing on this 1996 H1.

Owned by Dennis Rodman and supposedly kept in his garage since day one, it just went on sale as a Carfax certified truck with a mere 22,000 miles on its clock. The custom paint is not a vinyl wrap but a proper airbrush job done in California (of course), and you also get air-conditioning and a central tire inflation system as standard.

Any questions? There really shouldn’t be, you all know what to do.


Check out the rest of this wow machine on eBay, but do hurry up with that purchase because we know a guy who was educated in Switzerland, has a fleet of transport planes on hand and might be interested in his buddy’s old 4x4...


Yeah, that guy.

Photo credit: Ebay and AP Images. Hat tip to Crazylegs11!


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