Delta Pilot Freaks Out At Correction From Air Traffic Control

A Delta Air Lines pilot was obviously having a bad day as he communicating with Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATC. The pilot in command on Delta 2422 did not take well to the suggestion that he was on the wrong taxiway, and lashed out art the controller for having a bad attitude.


Pilot: "Like oh my god, there's another plane out there, like 6 miles away. Your attitude is really something sir, we're out here on Mike. Good morning."

ATC: "Good morning. There was no attitude. I was just trying to correct you. That's my job to correct you if you mess up, and make sure everybody's doing what I ask them to do, for certain reasons."

Another pilot: "Settle down, Captain Happy."

Hilarious! Somebody get Captain Happy a cup of coffee.

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