Delaware DMV Tweets That They Will Not Suck Dicks

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The DMV used to be the worst place in the world, but a lot of them are trying to get better, including Delaware. Nevertheless, the Delaware DMV has made it clear that they will not suck their customers' dicks in the greatest DMV Tweet ever Twitted.

I can only imagine the number of vitriolic and hateful tweets that the Delaware DMV Twitter account receives on a daily basis.

Yesterday morning, Michael Laurent let the DMV know just how he felt about them:


It seems that he isn't a fan. Now, the DMV probably gets this everyday. And everyday they ignore it. So someone needs to shake the hand of the quick witted DMV social media crusader who came up with this reply:


This is great on so many levels. First off, yes, the DMV sucks. But maybe part of why it sucks is because people are shitty to the employees at the DMV day in and day out just for doing their jobs. This tweeter took a complaint, lightened the mood with a joke, and then turned it into an offer to help.

That's what I call A+ customer service, and frankly, it's a clever solution to address an angry customer. Whoever did this deserves the social media equivalent of a promotion. I guess an increased Klout score?



(Hat Tip to Tom!)