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Dig the style of a 1930s coachbuilt concourse winner, but are merely moderately rich and actually want to drive the car on the road? The Delahaye Bugnotti Roadster recreates the timeless look with a modern LS1 V8.


Penned by Chip Foose with the intention of referencing the mid-‘30s Delahayes and Bugattis, the Bugnotti Roadster is actually an asymetric design, with chrome skins on the right side pontoons and no skins on the left. Delahaye apparently couldn't decide which look to go with, so it opted for both.

The New Jersey company describes the front pontoons as "chipmunk cheeks," they're extra wide so they can fully enclose the front wheels, yet acommodate what's presumably a reasonable amount of steering lock.


Other than listing the engine as an LS1 and the automatic transmission as a GM 4L60E, there's not a lot of information on what's underneath the composite skin of the Roadster. That's probably not the point though, buyer's aren't going to drop something in the ballpark of a quarter million dollars to drive the Bugnotti fast, they're going to spend that money to pose and, well, look at the damn thing. [Delahaye USA]

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