Dekotora Driving Game Revealed For Nintendo Wii, Our Minds Officially Blown

Take our love for driving sims like the Gran Turismo series and combine it with our fixation with dekotora trucks and you get what we consider to be the most Jalopnik game of all time: Zenkoku Dekotora Matsuri. From what we can tell from the trailer, Japanese Elvis wants you to buy, customize and drive around in your own awesome dekotora. The driving dynamics don't seem to be outstanding, but the customization setup appears to go beyond merely choosing parts and colors. In the true dekotora tradition, users can use their own Wii painting skills to create an airbrushed dragon masterpiece.

We're not sure what the ultimate goal of the game is, but we're guessing it involves building the baddest dekotora and taking pictures of it around the city. Sounds like heaven to us. (Hat tip to PitchPitch!) [,]


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