Defend Yourself Against The 80s: Lamborghini Jalpa

When we was wee, one of our weekly activities involved biking up a steep ass hill to the rich peoples' part of town to gawk at some dude's green Lamborghini Jalpa. At the time, we assumed the guy just parked it on the street 'cause he was so rad. Maturity and wisdom tell us that it sure wasn't intentional. Not on his part anyhow. In fact, the above video is one of the few times we've seen a Jalpa actually move.

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There's no easy way out. There's no shortcut hooo-ooome!

By the way, while looking up the Jalpa, to ensure that it was actually the car from Rocky, I found the following tidbit:

Following the Chrysler takeover Lamborghini product programs general manager Jack Stavana fitted a Jalpa V8 into a Dodge Daytona, linked to an AWD system designed by Carroll Shelby and called the "Decepzione". Despite spectacular performance the project was never followed up due to the car having just 1.5 inches of ground clearance, necessitated by the comparatively tall engine block.

That's pretty rad.