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December was yet another cruel month for the Big Three (or Big Two plus one, if you're a stickler). DaimlerChrysler, arguably the best performer, offset large declines in its Chrysler and Dodge brands month to month with big upticks in Mercedes-Benz and Jeep. At GM, a 111% increase at Hummer and smaller increases at Saturn (13.1%) and Pontiac (1.2%) insulated it from declines at all of its other brands. Ford's companywide decline (led by Jaguar and Volvo) was held to 9.0% by a 25.8% increase at Land Rover. Of course percentages are just part of the story, but number geeks can click through for the tearjerker.

Companywide: -2.3%
Mercedes-Benz: +17.2%
Chrysler Group: -4.9%
Chrysler: -13.3%
Dodge: -17.1%
Jeep: +41.1%

Companywide: -10.3%
Buick: -16.2%
Cadillac: -16.0%
Chevrolet: -11.8%
GMC: -17.2%
Hummer: +111.8%
Other - Isuzu: -11.4%
Pontiac: +1.2%
Saab: -19.1%
Saturn: +13.1%

Companywide: -9.0%
Ford: -9.1%
Mercury: -9.4%
Lincoln: -0.2%
Jaguar: -28.4%
Volvo: -25.6%
Land Rover: +25.8

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