Decapitated Train Rider Only Wanted a Smoke

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I should point out here that smoking on the London Underground is illegal, but a more suitable punishment than decapitation would've been a fine or short jail sentence. Thinking he could get away with a crafty fag on the small joining between carriages, the 52-year-old slipped and fell onto the train tracks, and was dragged by the 50mph-travelling Metropolitan line train.

Discovered at around 1.30am on Saturday by tube workers, his head was reportedly lopped off by his under-carriage travel, with an unnamed tube worker confirming to The Sun that "he slipped and fell on to the tracks while the train was moving at 50mph. He was decapitated. This shows just how dangerous messing around between the carriages is," adding that "if this guy had waited ten minutes he'd still have been with us now. And nobody would have had to suffer the awful consequences of his stupidity."

There are definitely safer ways to travel, and smoke—let this man's sad mistake be a lesson to you all. [MSN and Metro via London Underground Blog]


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