GIF via 2jeffs1 YouTube

Have some old tires lying around the shop? Don’t let them go to waste! Put them on your crazy homemade go-kart and get sideways until they pop.

YouTube’s 2jeffs1 built this crazy homemade kart powered by a 103 hp engine from a 1986 Honda Interceptor 700cc. It weighs about as much as a sheet of bubble wrap, so it doesn’t need much help to smoke tires.

Something extra magical happens when he puts on a set of dry-rotted tires off some piece of Cushman farm equipment on the back of his go-kart, though. They have no grip at all, and the little kart makes short work of running them until they’re dead, once and for all.

A tire popping doesn’t deter Jeff from ripping this little kart around, though. He puts the regular set of wheels back on and gets right back to it.


Bonus: here’s some additional footage of this kart tearing it up in a muddy field around considerably heavier machinery. Hoon ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.

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