Dear God Man: Katech Stuffs A 427 Into A Caddy!

We were going to tell you about an engine-and-exhaust package Katech developed for the Corvette Z06. Such a kit takes the LS7 mill from 505 hp to 600 hp without turbocharging. But tuning a Z06 is like wrapping bacon around filet mignon — unneeded and a bit gauche. However, we noticed that the just-north-of-Motown tuning shop will drop a 427-bomb under the hood of your Cadillac CTS-V. By our standards, that is tres-kosher. The company's K.spec package starts with a GM LS7 crate engine, to which are added forged pistons, custom cams, ported cylinder heads with reworked valves, a larger throttle body and forged connecting rods/crankshaft. Of course there's also a larger intake manifold and louder bigger exhaust system. All this tech is good for 550 hp. Not much of a power upgrade over the 525 hp 6.7-liter CTS-V we told you about a few years ago. But just think of the extra torque. How much for all this power? Sorry impoverished hoons, the raw engine goes for $23,000.


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