Anyone with a spacious garage and a penchant for DIY will love this deal. $62 for this rolling cabinet alone would be a steal, but they even toss in a tool set for good measure. [Stanley Rolling Tool Chest with 88 Piece Mechanical Tool Set, $62]

Update: Walmart is sold out online, but your local store might have it in stock. If not, some third party sellers on Amazon have it in the ~$80 range.

The selection is a little spotty, but Kmart today has Valvoline wiper blades for as little as $2 each. [$2+ Wiper Blades]

This extremely popular solar lantern has a perfect review average, and comes with a $3 off coupon today. Perfect for camping trips or power outages. [d.light Solar LED Lantern, $16 After Coupon]

If you've been priced out of the tablet market so far, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" was a solid deal when it came out at $300, and at this $139, it's an absolute steal. We see tablets priced around this level from time to time, but they almost always have cramped 7" screens, rather than the sprawling 9" HD display you'll get here.


Amazon's Appstore has really come into its own in the last year or so, and you'll have access to all the major streaming video services, plus a ton of games, comics, books and other apps. These refurbs usually sell for $199, so act fast before they sell out. [Refurb Kindle Fire HD 8.9", $139]

For a company best known for selling cheap HDMI cables, Monoprice actually has a decent selection of branded gadgets. Two of their best, the ultra-cheap MHD Action Cam and their Enhance Bass Earbuds, are on sale today at Rakuten, with free shipping. Gizmodo found the action cam to be solid for the price, and the earbuds are nothing short of legendary. I'm a proud owner of both. -Shep

Monoprice Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earphones ($8) | Rakuten

Monoprice MHD Action Camera ($60) | Rakuten

Growlers are usually associated with beer, but this one will keep up to 64 ounces of any liquid hot or cold for hours, all without condensation. [Lifeline Stainless Steel Growler, $25]

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