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In the fine tradition of Mr. Norm's Grand-Spaulding Dodge and Yenko Chevrolet, Galpin Auto Sports is taking new Detroit iron and tossing around the factory options list. The new in this case is a 2007 Mustang. The old is a hi-po Ford 302, which is once again available in-a-box from the same folks that brought us the Mustang. Galpin took the 302, loaded it up with original factory go-fast parts, bolted it up to a Tremec TKO-600 5-speed, and stuffed it into the engine bay. We're not so sure about the environmental legality of such a vehicle in Arnoldfornia, but we're also not so sure we care.

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Keeping with the time-machine style modifications, the modern Mustang was also fitted with a 1970 BOSS 302 wing and one-off custom hood to accommodate the shaker style intake and then drenched in original Grabber Blue paint. While this ride is technically a show car, the idea of dealers hopping up factory rides beyond the usual wheels and tired approach is to be encouraged. We'll take a 2007 Mustang with a 6:71 roots blower and bug catcher atop the 302 with an extra-long shift lever that sticks out the sunroof so we can drive around Roth monster style.

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