Dealership: This CLK-GTR Sucks

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1.7 million bucks and the damn thing won't even make it ten blocks. Such is the rarefied world of supercars. But wait, there's more. Apparently Merc pledged to make only five cars and then went ahead and made a sixth roadster variant of the ultra-limited CLK-GTR, which actually isn't even legal for road use in the USA. Grand Prix Motors of Southern California is pissed. Especially because the Benzos in Deutschland are refusing to repair the car, while MBUSA isn't touching the fiasco with a 40-foot schnitzel. Legalese pending? But of course! [Thanks to Steven for the tip.]

World's most expensive lemon? [CNN/Money]

Mercedes Recalls 61000 C-Classes for Airbag Fix [Internal]

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ShantJ, resident Citroën fanboi, hoons a CR-Z

Poor car... I don't fancy convertible supercars though.