Dealership Goes The Extra Mile To Rip Off Elderly Woman

Some stealerships really go out of their way to make sure customers are stuck with a bad deal. One Florida car dealer went so far as to block an elderly woman's driveway to force her to take a car she didn't want.

According to a report from, on Sept. 20, Gertrude Gelsey, 78, went to a Jacksonville dealership to buy a 2009 vehicle. She purchased the car, signed the papers and took the vehicle home. Four days later the dealership calls her to say she has to come back and fill out some paperwork to complete the sale. That is when Gertrude noticed that she was charged all kinds of extra fees on her contract including: $2,269 for a service contract, $799 for GAP insurance coverage and $437 for road hazard coverage.


When she brought the car back she handed the dealer the keys and said, "Here are the keys...I don't want this car. I believe I can find one cheaper."

The dealership returned Gertrude's trade and she was on her way. The next morning she wakes up to find the car that she just gave back blocking her driveway, there were no keys with the vehicle. So Gertrude called the police, who then contacted the dealership to have the car moved. After the police left someone from the dealership moved the car near her home and put the keys in an envelope.

Gertrude claims that she never finished the paperwork and the car isn't hers,

"It is not my car it wasn't paid for, they don't have it in their system"

The dealership says that she signed the contract and since there is no "cooling off" period in the state of Florida that the sale is final. After she contacted the local news and a consumer attorney, the owner of the dealership agreed to meet with Gertrude and make her happy.


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