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We don't really have a Deal of the Week feature, but dammit if this one wouldn't be this week's if we did. Lincoln's offering $8,000 cash back on the 2006 LS, the brand's fast-fading but still desirable sports/touring sedan. A rear-driver, the LS is built on the same Ford DEW98 platform co-designed with Jaguar engineers to accommodate the S-Type, and for '06 is only offered with a 3.9-liter variant of the Jaguar AJ-V8, producing 280 hp. That incentive brings the base MSRP down from $39,285 to a more manageable $31,285 — nearly the same as the 2005 V6 model phased out in favor of the new Zephyr. Alas, the cash is part of an inventory draw-down following the end of LS production this past April. Get 'em while they're still relatively hot. [UPDATE: Check out what TTAC thinks of the Lincoln LS.]

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