Deal of the Week: 2007 Saab 9-7x

Forget for a minute the Saab truck's humble midwestern upbringing. Pretend there's no such thing as a Chevy Trailblazer that gave its hide so a Swedish SUV may live. Sure, a luxury SUV without a luxury platform underpinning it is at best a sophisticated pimp job and at worst a job for the Better Business Bureau. But before we give the open hand to Saab's largest, let's remember Lexus RX buyers rest their oh-so-elite posteriors astride the same architecture born for the plebes' own Camry. The main problem with the 9-7x is its distance from Saab's original brand message. But perhaps up to $7000 off the $40,000 sticker price will make you forget there ever was a 900 Turbo. How about zero-percent financing out to five years? You'll have to pick just one of those deals, but if you can find an unloved specimen at the back of a dealer's lot in New Jersey, you might just get one for the same nut as you would a lowly blazer of trails. Don't thank us, thank flawed decision-making. [MSN Autos]


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