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The #2 automaker spot, by revenue (not sales), is nearly a three-way-split. But business is a game of cents, and Toyota's revenue is around a pack of baseball cards and a root beer north of Ford's, which for the first time was overtaken on the list by both Toyota and DaimlerChrysler. Still, Ford gets a trophy for "Most Improved," with $600 million more revenue than the previous year. And in case you were wondering why getting anything done in the upper ranks of the auto industry is so torturous, consider the size of these companies. Half of the top eight businesses in the world are carmakers.

Top 5 Automakers on Fortune Global 500 (by revenue — in billions)

General Motors: $193.5 (-0.9%)
DaimlerChrysler: $176.7 +12.8%
Toyota: $172.6 +12.7%
Ford: $172.2 +4.7%
Volkswagen: $110.6 +12.2%
(Source: Fortune)

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